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    nadachat: safe and secure messaging

    E2E Encryption protects from hackers, ISPs, Employers, and overseers

    Can nadachat or my boss read what I type?

    Not in a million years, that's the whole point.

    Why use this instead of something with more features?

    Nadachat runs in-browser without special settings/applications and without invasive tracking or registration.

    How safe are my conversations?

    nadachat uses "TOP SECRET" approved Elliptical Curve (521bit) and AES256-GCM encryption, per-message unique keys (with future and backward secrecy), and authenticated encryption modes that ensure message integrity. See the security plan for more info about the encryption and the about page for info about privacy.

    Why does it take so long to connect?

    Generating fresh large encryption keys takes time. Using plain HTTPS instead of a specialized protocol also lowers performance, but it blends into web traffic and works without installing a chat application.

    Do I need an account?

    No, nadachat doesn't know who you are and doesn't track what you're doing. Since nadachat does NOT authenticate users, consider asking simple challenge questions at the start of a conversation to make sure you're talking to the right person.

    Why does reloading destroy the conversation?

    By design, a lost or broken conversation cannot be restored or recovered. Since nadachat never stores encryption keys, the codes needed to communicate are lost forever when the tab is closed or reloaded.

    How does this make money?

    It doesn't, but it doesn't cost very much to run either, so consider it a gift. In fact, not only can you use it for free, you can copy it and run it yourself since the source code is open source on github.

    How long can a message be?

    Messages are limited to 1400 characters, or 10X more than a tweet. The relatively small message size ensures that the unique encryption key used for each message is not stretched too thin.

    How long can a conversation last?

    There is no time limit, but conversations with no message for one hour will be automatically destroyed. There's also a one-hour limit of wait time between generating a URL invite and starting a conversation, which ensures that encryption keys are always fresh.